Enable Apple APNS http/2 for Citrix XenMobile Server XMS lower than 10.13

XMS version 10.13 supports Apple APNS http/2 automatically

XenMobile Server XMS use Apple APNS for device push notification and based on the APNS with legacy binary protocol but that will be replaced with APNS http/2-based API. Two years ago Apple announced that APNS with the legacy binary protocol would no longer be supported from November 2020 and migrate to Apple APNS http/2-based API.

But on October 9, 2020, Apple extended this deadline to March 31, 2021, giving you additional time to prepare for this change. See updated announcement here.

XenMobile Server Action Required: Enable Apple APNS http/2

This also means that you now do have more time to check your Citrix Endpoint Management (CEM), formerly XenMobile Server (XMS), whether this already supports the Apple APNS http/2-based API.

XenMobile Servers (XMS) fly into Citrix Cloud

7 Prep Tips for successful migration

Update: Multiple XenMobile vulnerabilities CVE (CVE-2020-8208 to CVE-2020-8212) have been discovered and please update your local servers to the latest firmware build or rolling patch. This is mandatory to protect your environment and data. You can find more details CTX277457 here.

Other option is to following this steps to prepare your XenMobile Server setup for Citrix Cloud migration. These cloud instances are always updated as soon as possible to be protected against zero-day attacks.

It‘s time to say goodbye to your on-premises XenMobile Server (XMS) environment. In other words the Citrix Cloud is waiting for your transformation to Citrix Endpoint Management (CEM).

Overview XenMobile Server Database migration to Citrix Cloud

The lifetime of XenMobile Server on-promises is a time-bomb and the End-of-Life date was currently still not released but could happen every week or month. And then start the last years of official support and Citrix will release only bug fixes and security patches.